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UC Browser apk download for Android. This is Safe, Secure and Fast browser. Free download Orignal apk file with latest version features. Updated: May 27, 2022. Click here to free download and install now..

Features Highlights

Boost Download Speed

Compared to other Android browsers, you will get the quickest download speed.

Very Fast Browsing

Enjoying the fastest Internet browsing possible. Instant access to networking, web surfing, and entertainment is provided by your search results.

Night Mode

To browse more peacefully at night, switch to the night mode in UC Browser.

Ad Block

On your Android devices, it allows you to browse websites without being interrupted by pop-up banner advertisements.

Data Saving

Helps you control cellular data traffic significantly. With this UC Browser apk, users may save more data the more you surf.

100% Free

UC Browser App Overview

The most popular and rapidly expanding browser in India was UC Browser.
  • Latest Version:
  • Size: 57.3 MB
  • Total Downloads: 500 million+
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Developer: UC Web Inc.
  • Requirement Android: 2.3+

UC Browser App Provides

A quick, intelligent, and safe web browser is UC Browser. It is made for a simple and wonderful browsing experience. No matter if you're browsing, accessing websites, downloading files, or watching movies, UC Browser app can provide you a fluid experience thanks to its proprietary U4 engine and video player. The several Android Internet browsers have competition in the form of UC Browser. It features a straightforward user interface, yet this is more than adequate to enjoy web browsing.

The gesture controls that you can use to conduct various operations, the ability to swiftly switch pages, and the capability to search using voice queries are a few of the primary features offered. Additionally, UC Browser app has a night mode so you may surf in low light without straining your eyes, which sometimes happens when you browse too much just before bed. In addition to all of this, there is a unique add-on for Facebook that makes it simple and quick to navigate the well-known social network.

The incognito option in UC Browser app is another unique feature. You may browse the web secretly with the help of this mode, which is comparable to Chrome's incognito feature.  Although UC Browser is a strong browser with a respectable set of features, it can't compete with the top Android browsers like Firefox, Chrome, or Dolphin Browser. However, the most recent updates make it a reliable substitute.

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uc browser apk for android (free download)

uc browser apk
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uc browser apk
uc browser apk
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uc browser apk

UC Browser History:

When UC Browser first debuted in April 2004, it was a J2ME-only program. In 2012, the UC Browser logo had a facelift, going from a cartoon squirrel to a more stylized, abstract squirrel that is more in keeping with American aesthetics. For Vodafone's Indian subscribers, UC Web adapted their browser in May 2013. In August 2013, UC Browser teamed with distributor Gameloft to offer its products while also providing distribution channels for businesses like App URL Initiative. It also disclosed a relationship with Trend Micro in 2013 in which the two businesses collaborated to offer browser-based mobile web safety evaluations.

Apps Ban in India:

The Indian government outlawed UC Browser on June 26, 2020, along with 58 other Chinese applications including TikTok and WeChat. stating that it is a "threat to the sovereignty and integrity" of the nation and citing data and privacy concerns. Many analysts think that the action was taken in retribution for the 2020 conflicts between China and India.


A cross-platform web browser particularly aimed for mobile devices is called UC Browser. It is well-known for its minimal app size and data compression technique, which makes it well-liked in developing countries where people often use mobile phones with less memory and internet access. The usage of proxy servers, which transport data through UCWeb servers before sending it to the user's device, makes the browser special in that it enables data compression but also poses privacy problems. The browser also has additional features like cloud acceleration, Downloading files in numerous file formats, cloud synchronisation, HTML5 web app capabilities, and "rapid download" functionality are all available.


In addition to being available on a number of other outdated or defunct mobile operating systems including BlackBerry OS, Symbian, and Windows Phone, UC Browser is also available as an Android and iOS app. Although UCWeb is primarily a mobile software, it also has a desktop version for Microsoft Windows (there is no macOS version).

Compression of Data:

Prior to transmitting web pages to users, UC Browser employs proxy servers to compress the content. Due to the fact that every data accessed by the user through UC Browser is first passed through a security and privacy check, this procedure uses less memory on the user's device and reduces data expenses. Instead than travelling straight to the user's device, data is routed through a UCWeb server.

UC+: HTML5, add-ons & WebApp:

The UC+ Open Platform was introduced by UCWeb in July 2013. The platform is made up of an add-on platform, an application bookmark platform, and a webapp store. It became operational with the release of UC Browser for Android v9.2. A given SDK may be used by developers to construct applications that the browser can launch in various circumstances. From the browser's add-on panel, users may download and install them. Examples include website translation, augmented reality, voice control, and social media sharing. When a user scans a QR code on UC Browser from a partner website, the webpage is added to their favourites. This is made possible through the Application Bookmark Platform. One of the first platforms in China was this one.

Download Control:

The browser has a download manager, enables multiple downloads at once, and provides offline reading pages. It allows for the pause and resume of downloads. The download manager in use today offers capabilities intended to address issues like erratic internet connections and incorrectly labeled files that frequently arise throughout the downloading process. When the app is closed, the download can continue. If it is paused, it can also immediately restart. The download manager organizes downloaded files into the appropriate directories based on their kind.

System of Clouds:

According to UC Web, the cloud technology employed by the browser often tends to download data from the nearest servers accessible, speeding up and streamlining the loading process for users.